What type of valuation products does AMCSS offer?

AMCSS offers a full range of valuation solutions that range from AVMís to Full Appraisals and everything in between.


How do I coordinate payment for an appraisal order?

AMCSS offers  many flexible ways to coordinate payments including all major credit cards, TeleCheck or PayPal.


How much does the appraisal cost?

AMCSS pricing is structured to be competitive in individual markets.  Please contact one of our sales representatives for additional information at 888-752-5141 or by e-mail.


What are your performance standards?

Once payment is confirmed, our objective is to assign the order within 4 business hours to an experienced appraiser in the local market. In most cases, the actual inspection will take place within 3 business days of order placement.  Once the inspection has been completed, our goal is to have the completed report to you within 48 hours of inspection.


What is your Addendum process?

AMCSS is committed to providing an appraisal report that meets the needs of you, your investor, the borrower and anyone else involved in the transaction.  That being said, all addendum requests are carefully reviewed by an internal experienced appraisal underwriter and addressed with the local appraiser accordingly.


Are you FHA and HVCC Compliant?

Yes.  We have policies and procedures in place to keep all of our clients in compliance with HVCC and FHA Appraisal Independence Guidelines.


What other services does AMCSS provide?

AMCSS is a complete settlement service provider providing Title, Closing and Flood services in addition to our complete valuation suite.


What are your areas of coverage?

Valuation and flood services are available on a nationwide basis.  Title/Closing Services are available in 40 states.


Do you have a website I can access to get status on an order or reproduce a report?

Yes. Our secure website is www.amcssc.com.  Once you become a registered user you can enter our site and you will have full access to review the status of work in progress, both transactionally and from a management perspective.  In addition, all products are also posted to the secure site and available for access at a later date.


How do I establish an account with AMCSS?

Simple. You can register by clicking on the Broker Registration tab, you can call us at 888-752-5141 or you can send an e-mail.


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